The Hue Luxe collection takes a visually arresting approach to updated vintage textile patterns and traditional ikats with its awe-inducing palette of bright teals, sapphires, ochres, and plums. Made from silk, bamboo silk, and wool, the Hue Luxe collection is an eclectic mix of colorful hand knotted and hand tufted patterns. The Hue Luxe collection is completely customizable and a perfect addition to any luxurious interior.

  • interlocken_wool-silk_hand-knotted_patterson-flynn-martin_pfm

    45070 | Wool & Silk

  • marrakesh_wool-silk_hand-knotted_patterson-flynn-martin_pfm

    43326 | Wool & Silk

  • Bloom

    43654 | Bamboo Silk

  • Mazelot

    43663 | Wool & Silk